Top 5 reasons to love Croatia for yachting trips

From the clear blue seas to the many mini islands surrounding the wonderful land, Croatia is a land of wonders. Croatia is definitely one of the most beautiful places around. Based in the heart of Europe, Croatia boasts one of the most historical landmarks, and so is also a hub for millions of tourists from all parts of the world. This wonderful land hosts many major sporting activities, one of which is the famous yachting experience. There are many reasons why one should choose to go yachting whenever he/she gets a chance to go to Croatia, and we will see some of those below.


  1. You can literally drink the water

Contrary to wherever you may have been, you might have noticed that the water in Croatia is much cleaner and clearer. In fact, when you drink a sip of this water, you will realize that it is neither salty, nor distasteful, but actually tastes just fine. Water in Croatia is one of the very rare waters that are in almost the purest of forms, so if you are stranded on a yacht with no one around you, you can always keep drinking water to stay hydrated.

  1. The mini islands

There are many different mini islands surrounding the Croatian waters. Many people often stop by to look at one of the islands, explore their wilderness, or just visit there to take photos so they can upload pictures on Instagram. So if you fancy a little expedition to one of the islands, take a small break from the racing, and sail your yacht to the nearest island for a little adventure.

  1. Pretty much happens everyday

Believe it or not, yachting is one of the most common pastimes in Croatia. Whenever you visit the shores, you will always see some people racing their yachts around the area. So whenever you feel like yachting, you don’t need to gather any people to join you, because there is a good chance that they’ll already be there waiting for you.

  1. The view

Croatia boasts one of the most beautiful views in the world, and there is no better way to look at them than from a yacht. When you are racing your way to the finish line, or just cruising on a private yacht with a loved one, there is no better place to see the sunset; right next to the beautiful scenery of the islands around, and not to mention the country itself.

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  1. All kinds of boats

When yachting in Croatia, you are going to find one of the craziest boats built by man. From triple story howlers to yachts as wide as a football field; crazy, or just wonderful engineering? There is never a dull moment when sailing on the waters of Croatia!

Croatia is definitely one of the best places to visit when on a holiday, and if you get the time, be sure to go on a yachting trip at least once when you visit the wonderful land. It is a journey that is surely not to be missed.

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