5 ways to have more fun at a croatian yacht trip

When yachting around the coasts in croatia, there can be lots more fun ways to make your yachting experience even more interesting. One does not always have to just sail across the waters aimlessly and return in the evening bored and down. In fact, there are so many opportunities to do fun things that there is a very rare chance anyone would be found bored while on a yachting trip in croatia. Here is a list of a few things that one could do to make their yachting trip more fun while in croatia.


  1. Host a yacht party

One does not always have to sail alone. Bring a few friends over, heck bring the whole beach over to your boat and have a little party. Get to know people, enjoy a few drinks with the guys, make new friends. Dive in the water, play fun games, do anything you want. It may seem odd to invite people you don’t know to a yacht party, but here in croatia it’s pretty much a regular thing. You will not believe how much fun you will have.


  1. Go with a loved one

Croatia boasts one of the most tranquil areas to spend some private time with your loved one. Why miss the opportunity when you can have a private lunch or dinner with him/her, instead of just staring at the sun all day long. Watch the sunset as you two sip from a glass of vine, and have a little chat together, without the worries of the world listening to you at your back.


  1. Race together

Why not have a little fun while on your yacht and race with the other sailors in the area. There is no better competition than a race, so grab your sails, start your engines and race off to the finish line. One may also raise the stakes and hold a prize for the competition, it would not only make it more interesting, but also give others an incentive to finish the race

  1. Explore an Island

Croatia has one of the most beautiful islands in its vicinity, and it may be a good opportunity to explore one of those islands while on a yachting trip. Who knows, you may even find something valuable to take back home.

  1. Play water sports

When with friends, it may be a good idea to stop at some point and arrange a small match in the water. Take out your swimming trunks, beach ball and dive into the water! Hold a match or two, bring in the beers, host a small barbecue as well, turn it into a full-fledged picnic spot.


Yachting doesn’t have to be boring at all, in fact there are so many things to do that it may be a challenge for you to actually not be having fun!

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