Do i have to own a boat to go yachting in croatia?

Ans: Not necessary at all, usually there are many major dealers who would be happy to rent you a yacht that you can use for yachting. There are numerous different types of yachts for use, each with their own special features, eg. Some of them have as many as 4 levels, whereas some of them are as wide as an ice hockey field! Either way, you should choose the one that best suits you. Remember, the fancier the boat, the more it costs!

Do I always need to race by yacht with others?

Ans: Not really, you will always find a few people who would be more than happy to race you, but if you want, you can stroll down the waters however you like, for example, on a private evening with a loved one. Life doesn’t always have to be a fast paced ride, sometimes you just have to take it low and slow. I recommend going on an expedition to one of the islands of croatia, it may turn out to be an enthralling adventure.

What if i get stranded while yachting?

Ans: Chances are that you are going to be found within a matter of minutes of being stranded, by either another yacht rider or one of the patrol. Croatian waters have a lot of yachts patrolling the region searching for people who have been stranded on some island, or have gone lost, or are in any other emergency. They do a pretty good job in rescuing people from such situations. Most rental boats usually have a safety gear with them, so a communicator must be nearby.

Are all islands free to explore?

Ans: Not all of them. Some of the private islands of croatia are not allowed to be explored, except if you get special permission from the owners of the islands. Still, these islands are pretty low in number and you may not even notice them given that there are already so many of them ready for exploration. So whenever you are on a yachting trip, do make sure to visit at least one of them

How many people are allowed on a yacht?

Ans: Depends on the size of the boat really. There is no limit to how many people you can bring along with you. Just make sure that the boat supports the weight, otherwise you better know how to swim back to the shore!

Any particular rules that need to be obeyed?

Ans: All yachting trips would be under supervision of the patrol, who will make sure that the people do not break any of the rules, which are pretty basic, such as not littering in the water, not to disturb the wildlife etc. Most of the rules will be laid out by the security staff before the yachts take off, so there is no need to worry about it.

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