5 things to do in croatia this year

When in croatia, there are a million things that you could do, and major chances are that whether you are here for the first time or the second time, you will not have seen all of the sights that this wonderful land has to offer. However, if you happen to visit croatia at any time in your life, here are a few things that are a must visit.


  1. Dibrovnik

You may have heard of the beautiful city filled with marble streets and beautifully decorated buildings, well this is it. Feast your eyes on this marvelous artwork of centuries ago, by the masters of all architects. This little town was once a populated hub of one of the most protected kingdoms in the world. Do visit the cable car to Mt Srd, which boasts a full view of the town from up above.


  1. Yachting

While in croatia, it is a must to go on a yachting trip. Why not host a party with the friends. Race along with others while yachting with the guys. Watch the sunset with a loved one or hold dinners with the family. All you need is a boat, which can be rented from one of the many stalls on the shore. You can even go swimming while yachting, and the water is so clear that it is literally more pure than your regular tap water. Even the marine life is mostly friendly, so swimming is definitely not a problem.


  1. Hvar town

This little town can be a hub of at least 20000 people everyday. Although this town is little, it does have numerous restaurants with good food as well as lots of good hotels. The things in this town are expensive though, and so it is better that you carry lots of cash if you plan on staying. Tourists enjoy swimming in the beaches or just wander about the streets filled with gothic palaces and beautiful walls.


  1. Plitvice lakes National park

One of the most beautiful sights in the country, the national park is home to 16 parallel lakes all fed through their own waterfalls full of mineral enriched waters and breathtaking flocks of wildlife, including birds, marine life and butterflies. The park is huge, and so the lakes may take hours to explore altogether, but one may even save time by taking the bus or boat. The climb takes about two hours and the descent takes three, so it is better to take the bus while climbing and the boat on descent to save the effort on climbing.

  1. Trakoscan castle

Boasting one of the most breathtaking sights around, the trakoscan castle is just over 80 km from the city of zagreb, northwest of it. The castle was first discovered in 1334, but its construction date is unknown. Today, almost none of the castle is in its original state, but has been converted to an english romantic garden full of trees and artificial lakes.

Be sure to visit these places if you get a chance to visit croatia. There are also various other sights to see, so be sure to check them out as well, we guarantee a visit to this wonderful land would be a journey to remember.

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5 ways to have more fun at a croatian yacht trip

When yachting around the coasts in croatia, there can be lots more fun ways to make your yachting experience even more interesting. One does not always have to just sail across the waters aimlessly and return in the evening bored and down. In fact, there are so many opportunities to do fun things that there is a very rare chance anyone would be found bored while on a yachting trip in croatia. Here is a list of a few things that one could do to make their yachting trip more fun while in croatia.


  1. Host a yacht party

One does not always have to sail alone. Bring a few friends over, heck bring the whole beach over to your boat and have a little party. Get to know people, enjoy a few drinks with the guys, make new friends. Dive in the water, play fun games, do anything you want. It may seem odd to invite people you don’t know to a yacht party, but here in croatia it’s pretty much a regular thing. You will not believe how much fun you will have.


  1. Go with a loved one

Croatia boasts one of the most tranquil areas to spend some private time with your loved one. Why miss the opportunity when you can have a private lunch or dinner with him/her, instead of just staring at the sun all day long. Watch the sunset as you two sip from a glass of vine, and have a little chat together, without the worries of the world listening to you at your back.


  1. Race together

Why not have a little fun while on your yacht and race with the other sailors in the area. There is no better competition than a race, so grab your sails, start your engines and race off to the finish line. One may also raise the stakes and hold a prize for the competition, it would not only make it more interesting, but also give others an incentive to finish the race

  1. Explore an Island

Croatia has one of the most beautiful islands in its vicinity, and it may be a good opportunity to explore one of those islands while on a yachting trip. Who knows, you may even find something valuable to take back home.

  1. Play water sports

When with friends, it may be a good idea to stop at some point and arrange a small match in the water. Take out your swimming trunks, beach ball and dive into the water! Hold a match or two, bring in the beers, host a small barbecue as well, turn it into a full-fledged picnic spot.


Yachting doesn’t have to be boring at all, in fact there are so many things to do that it may be a challenge for you to actually not be having fun!

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Top 5 reasons to love Croatia for yachting trips

From the clear blue seas to the many mini islands surrounding the wonderful land, Croatia is a land of wonders. Croatia is definitely one of the most beautiful places around. Based in the heart of Europe, Croatia boasts one of the most historical landmarks, and so is also a hub for millions of tourists from all parts of the world. This wonderful land hosts many major sporting activities, one of which is the famous yachting experience. There are many reasons why one should choose to go yachting whenever he/she gets a chance to go to Croatia, and we will see some of those below.


  1. You can literally drink the water

Contrary to wherever you may have been, you might have noticed that the water in Croatia is much cleaner and clearer. In fact, when you drink a sip of this water, you will realize that it is neither salty, nor distasteful, but actually tastes just fine. Water in Croatia is one of the very rare waters that are in almost the purest of forms, so if you are stranded on a yacht with no one around you, you can always keep drinking water to stay hydrated.

  1. The mini islands

There are many different mini islands surrounding the Croatian waters. Many people often stop by to look at one of the islands, explore their wilderness, or just visit there to take photos so they can upload pictures on Instagram. So if you fancy a little expedition to one of the islands, take a small break from the racing, and sail your yacht to the nearest island for a little adventure.

  1. Pretty much happens everyday

Believe it or not, yachting is one of the most common pastimes in Croatia. Whenever you visit the shores, you will always see some people racing their yachts around the area. So whenever you feel like yachting, you don’t need to gather any people to join you, because there is a good chance that they’ll already be there waiting for you.

  1. The view

Croatia boasts one of the most beautiful views in the world, and there is no better way to look at them than from a yacht. When you are racing your way to the finish line, or just cruising on a private yacht with a loved one, there is no better place to see the sunset; right next to the beautiful scenery of the islands around, and not to mention the country itself.

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  1. All kinds of boats

When yachting in Croatia, you are going to find one of the craziest boats built by man. From triple story howlers to yachts as wide as a football field; crazy, or just wonderful engineering? There is never a dull moment when sailing on the waters of Croatia!

Croatia is definitely one of the best places to visit when on a holiday, and if you get the time, be sure to go on a yachting trip at least once when you visit the wonderful land. It is a journey that is surely not to be missed.

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