5 things to do in croatia this year

When in croatia, there are a million things that you could do, and major chances are that whether you are here for the first time or the second time, you will not have seen all of the sights that this wonderful land has to offer. However, if you happen to visit croatia at any time in your life, here are a few things that are a must visit.


  1. Dibrovnik

You may have heard of the beautiful city filled with marble streets and beautifully decorated buildings, well this is it. Feast your eyes on this marvelous artwork of centuries ago, by the masters of all architects. This little town was once a populated hub of one of the most protected kingdoms in the world. Do visit the cable car to Mt Srd, which boasts a full view of the town from up above.


  1. Yachting

While in croatia, it is a must to go on a yachting trip. Why not host a party with the friends. Race along with others while yachting with the guys. Watch the sunset with a loved one or hold dinners with the family. All you need is a boat, which can be rented from one of the many stalls on the shore. You can even go swimming while yachting, and the water is so clear that it is literally more pure than your regular tap water. Even the marine life is mostly friendly, so swimming is definitely not a problem.


  1. Hvar town

This little town can be a hub of at least 20000 people everyday. Although this town is little, it does have numerous restaurants with good food as well as lots of good hotels. The things in this town are expensive though, and so it is better that you carry lots of cash if you plan on staying. Tourists enjoy swimming in the beaches or just wander about the streets filled with gothic palaces and beautiful walls.


  1. Plitvice lakes National park

One of the most beautiful sights in the country, the national park is home to 16 parallel lakes all fed through their own waterfalls full of mineral enriched waters and breathtaking flocks of wildlife, including birds, marine life and butterflies. The park is huge, and so the lakes may take hours to explore altogether, but one may even save time by taking the bus or boat. The climb takes about two hours and the descent takes three, so it is better to take the bus while climbing and the boat on descent to save the effort on climbing.

  1. Trakoscan castle

Boasting one of the most breathtaking sights around, the trakoscan castle is just over 80 km from the city of zagreb, northwest of it. The castle was first discovered in 1334, but its construction date is unknown. Today, almost none of the castle is in its original state, but has been converted to an english romantic garden full of trees and artificial lakes.

Be sure to visit these places if you get a chance to visit croatia. There are also various other sights to see, so be sure to check them out as well, we guarantee a visit to this wonderful land would be a journey to remember.

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